Vast experience, Local Focus

Vast experience, Local Focus

Mills Strategies is a public affairs and advocacy firm with particular expertise in hyper-local, community-based controversies and communications challenges.

People care about national and state issues but are incredibly passionate about local issues that have tangible and direct impact on their everyday lives.  To “win” in a community, you need buy in from the start of a project and a persistent and compelling campaign to maintain and build support.

Community Power

Citizens, voters, local businesses and community activists have more access to local government than ever before and are using that access to influence officials and advocate for or against new policies, new projects or new taxes. It is an entirely different dynamic when a key selectman is your neighbor and not a distant legislator.

Corporations, real estate developers, non profits and associations ignore the power of local voters at their own peril.  A misstep out of the gate can doom your campaign.

Whether the forum is a planning board hearing, a town meeting, a board of selectmen session or a local editorial board, you need to put yourself in the best position to win.

When you work with Mills Strategies, you will build a persuasive messaging foundation, identify the appropriate audience, and educate and turn them out to comment, vote or advocate for your project. Your targeted, no-stone-unturned campaign will turn wary and indifferent stakeholders into advocates.

Identify, Educate and Turnout.

Meet Bryan

From humble beginnings as a country lawyer and state government relations associate, I have built a career focused on community affairs, advocacy and helping clients with their toughest local communication challenges. No matter the forum, project or issue, I am focused on winning.

My Work

I work with a network of talented strategists, designers, and consulting partners to take care of every facet of a campaign. My unique skill set includes the ability to drop into a community, identify allies and build meaningful relationships on your behalf. Direct stakeholder outreach, citizen group management and interaction with local officials and staff are key parts of my on-the-ground work: personal relationships and regular contact matter.

With my legal and lobbying background, I can sift through and interpret the municipal ordinances, legislative/regulatory matters and zoning codes that are essential to informing campaign strategy. Through voter data, voter ID and direct voter contact, you will know who in a community is best suited to help with your campaign. You can also rest assured that the trains will run on time and projects will stay on budget.

My Background

Over the course of my 25-year career, I have designed and executed dozens of community engagement campaigns around the country. I have led many primary, general election, and initiative/referendum campaigns, spearheading grassroots organizing, fundraising and GOTV activities.

Prior to founding Mills Strategies, I co-founded and was a principal at Ellis Mills Public Affairs, a public affairs and government relations firm focused on New England. Before that, I spent more than 12 years at The Saint Consulting Group where I worked on and managed dozens of controversial land use and development projects in more than 40 states and Canada.

I am a graduate of Hamilton College, and received my J.D. from the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver. My wife and I have two children and divide our time between Sudbury, MA and Royalton, VT.

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